Aquaman 2 Exclusive: Shocking Revelations! Jason Momoa's Bold Transformation and Amber Heard's Uncertain Future

Aquaman 2 Exclusive: Shocking Revelations! Jason Momoa's Bold Transformation and Amber Heard's Uncertain Future

Aquaman 2 Report: Jason Momoa's alleged behavior on set sparks controversy Rumors suggest Momoa arrived late and under the influence, while another claim questions his wardrobe choices resembling Johnny Depp Amber Heard's account sheds light on the situation

According to a recent report from Variety, there has been significant turmoil during the production of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The report claims that documents, initially surfaced on Reddit and originating from Amber Heard's therapist during her highly-publicized legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, reveal a hostile set environment. Allegations include Jason Momoa consistently showing up late to set in an intoxicated state, dressing similar to Depp, and expressing a desire to have Heard removed from the film. It is also mentioned that Depp's supporters covered the court fees to acquire these documents from Heard's therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, which contain notes stating, "Jason stated he wanted me fired...Jason arrived on set drunk and late. He dresses like Johnny and even wears similar rings."

A spokesperson from DC affirmed Momoa's professionalism, stating that he consistently behaved in a professional manner on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In contrast to the allegations, an insider defended Momoa, asserting that he did not arrive intoxicated and that his bohemian style of dressing was always present.

Both Heard and Momoa opted not to provide any comments. In 2022, Heard claimed that her role and involvement in the Aquaman sequel had been significantly reduced, a claim that then-DC Films chief Walter Hamada refuted. Furthermore, it was reported at the time that Momoa and director James Wan united to prevent Heard from being completely eliminated from the film. According to entertainment industry consultant Kathryn Arnold's testimony from the previous year, both Wan and Momoa were dedicated and insistent on keeping Heard in the movie.

Hughes' notes reveal a contrasting perspective, depicting Heard as unsupported and alienated by Wan. According to her account, Wan raised his voice at her, blaming her for the inability to post about Aquaman. She recalls apologizing and mentions the absence of opportunities for people to take selfies with her due to a blackout.

In response, a DC spokesperson stated that James Wan is recognized for treating his cast and crew with the highest level of respect and for cultivating a positive and collaborative atmosphere on set, which also applied to the Aquaman films.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. had considered removing Heard from the Aquaman sequel before Depp filed his lawsuit. It was believed that there was a lack of chemistry between Heard and Momoa. However, there are others who dispute this claim and suggest that the studio and Wan were unsupportive of Heard due to the negative impact her court case had on the film's promotions.

The report states that Warner Bros. decided to keep Heard in the sequel after receiving a strong warning from her ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk. Musk's legal team threatened to send a strongly worded letter to Warner Bros., threatening to cause significant damage if Heard was not brought back for the sequel. Musk has chosen not to comment on the matter.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set for release in the United States on December 20.



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